Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quilt Retreat!

Woohoo! Can't's almost Saturday and then I'm off to 3 relaxing days at "The Barn Bed and Breakfast Inn" annual quilting retreat! I love the down demands on my time or cooking....just ME time. Guess I am a bit selfish....poor Art is lost when I go off on my own....he needs a hobby or SOMETHING to do! I don't feel it is my job to keep him's a hard job sometimes....
Stephany and I had a good time last weekend...on Friday, we went to Archivers and did the Make and Takes, then went to Mary's yoga was good. On Saturday, we went to an all day crop at Scrapbookers Dream...we had a great day! Matt took care of Jordyn so that Steph could have some ME time....once again, Art was left to his own devices, so on the coldes day of the year....he drives down to the lake! Now that is being BORED...or it is avoiding my kids! Probably both!

This is the Barn...check it out!
Can't wait!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Camp Gramma

Camp Gramma

I'm so excited! I have been accepted to be part of Kimberly Giarrusso's Design team! Using her darling designs, I will be posting layouts to The DigiChick ( and to DigiScrap Divas ( Can't wait to get started!
I know I am a creative's so nice that others think so as well!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Making Valentine Cards

This is what being a Gramma is all about!!!

Caleb and I made Valentines (shh! they are for mommie and daddy) while Mommie went to yoga class.
He has decided that glue is sticky...but does not quite get the concept that is will make things stick together. He cannot operate the punches...but was determined to try! I wish Jordyn was here to help us! Posted by Picasa