Friday, June 30, 2006

Final day of contest!

Well......Heather Roselli's CT contest officially ended at noon. There are 9 talented ladies anxiously waiting to see who will be on her team! We were prompted to make a 2 page layout using a darling kit "Boys Love Critters" I used my all time favorite pics of Caleb from last summer. These were taken after a rain storm in Richard and Mary's backyard.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Round Three!

I made it to the third round of Heather Roselli's CT contest! Happy Dance! Can't wait to get started on the next layout for the compitition! She is going to let us work with her new kit...."Boys Love Critters" It is so darn cute!
Matt and Jordyn came to Kansas City today. After work, I went over to Mary's and played with Jordyn for a bit. We played Mr Potato Head....Jordyn loves making the little characters. She is so darn sweet! I wish she lived in KC so she could come visit Gramma a lot! It's the best thing ever to hear her call me Gramma and give me hugs and kisses!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I made it through the first cut! Heather Roselli is having a CT contest and I made it in....and this is my entry for the next round. Even if I don't make it all the way is lots of fun!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Homerun for Uncle Matt

On Saturday, Caleb came over to play in the backyard. He brought his t-Ball set and we played "baseball". He would line up his ball on the t and say "hit a home run for Uncle Matt" or sometimes he would say "for Grandpa Jack". Jack would have loved playing with this little's times like these that I miss him so much and realize that Caleb and Jordyn are never going to know him. He would have been such a loving, playful, attentive grandpa. I will never understand why God took him away from us...I guess that is a question that will never be answered. It's been 6 years...but it is still hard to stay up sometimes. Ok the tears are starting so off to another subject!

I spent Sunday afternoon "paper-scrapping" for a change...not digi! I made 4 layouts...just need to journal...that is the hard part for me. Art is in Canada on his fishing trip, so I am on my own this week. I'm sure it will go fast...I can keep myself busy and Caleb is spending next weekend with me for 3 days! I'm sure we will wear each other out!

Made a couple of new layouts for the new Creative team I am on at 2Bscrapped...they are having a heck of a time. I am sure they are just as frustrated as me....

She is so darn cute...wish she could come over and play, too!

The 4400 started again last night! I love that show! I took a quiz to see which 4400 I would come back as...big-hearted healer.
And tonight is The Closer....I love how Brenda fumbles through her daily life, but still manages to make the bad guy confess. Love to watch her whoop up on them!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Camp Gramma

Camp Gramma

My new favorite writer....Jodi Picoult....continues to win me over. I have just started reading "The Tenth Circle" and it promises to be wonderful! She researches her material so well, providing me with a lot of food for thought. So far I am disturbed by what is going on with our teenage girls....thank heavens Mary is 30! and Jordyn is 2....
I had never heard of going to parties and playing games such as Conga or Rainbow. And the paperclips hanging on girls belts...ever wonder what that means? Well it isn't how many friends I have! More like nighters...and the girls are doing this at 14! My concern is what are all of these "games" doing to our young girls self-worth and what kind of men will these boys grow up to be? I sure would not want one for a mate...

While at the lake, I finished reading "Cell" by Stephen King. He used to be my all time favorite author....and when I started this book I thought the storyline had a lot of potential. The world as we know it comes to an end because of cell phones....what a great idea! But I was so disapointed in the was as if he was tired of writing the book and just quit! Not worth reading!!!!