Monday, March 25, 2013

Old Man Winter is BAAACK!

Doesn't he know it is officially spring?????

Last Tuesday, we went to PreSchool with our 4 year old grandson, Jack.  He was presented with the honor of being the Star of the Week.  It was so cute, his teach interviewed him about various things.  I was so thrilled to have the day off so that I could go!

Jack age 4

I have been busy playing around with a couple of online classes.  One is Lifebook 2013, it has a variety of teachers all year long, so we are exposed to many different styles and interpretations of art and journaling.  March was all about connections.  I don't know how mine wound up looking like little China dolls, but it did!!   I try to copy the teacher, but sometimes it just does not work for me and I have to do my own thing before I get to frustrated.  I do try to learn whatever technique they are showing and use it if I can. 

Connections taught by Mindy Lacefield in Lifebook 2013

And a very fun class is Cotton Candy Girls by Natasha her girls!

And on April 4th, I get to go to a Art and Soul retreat!  Yippee!  I chose to take Joanne Sharpes art journaling class.  I have so enjoyed all of her online classes, so I knew I wanted to meet her in person!

Wishing all of you a Happy Easter and Spring!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's on my worktable...I mean playtable

A Cotton Candy Angel on an 8x10 first canvas!
This is lesson one with Natasha May...she is fabulous.  Isn't the internet a wonderful place? 
 Natasha lives in you know where that is?  I had to Google it of course.

Sunday Postcard challenge... Toadstools and Mushrooms!  
Most of the art is from Deviant Scraps...awesome site!

LetterLove 201 with Joanne Sharpe...not sure which lesson this is, but so much fun!

My 4 year old grandson, Jack, loves to play with gramma's markers. 
We drew dragons  and practiced letters.

Inky fingers and paint all over the place....oh times in my studio!