Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Halloween!

It's Halloween, and I actually have Gourdy's Gang finished and hanging up!  This was a fun wool applique to work these little guys!

This is how a 3 year old decorates his pumpkin! 

Saturday night, we had our annual Trunk or Treat in the church parking lot.  Jim loves to dress up!

The kids always get a big thrill out of his costumes...he never says a word!

Jim and Grandson!  Jack is not so thrilled with his grandpa in this costume! 

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

I love to decorate for fall...especially with little Max to supervise!  She is quite the "klepto-kitty"...when she thinks we aren't looking, she likes to drag the dolls around the house.  

A new little candlemat that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

And what would fall be without a scarecrow or two?  I just love the little "crow-shoes" on their feet!

The seasons are changing...time to drag out the sweaters, the corduroy jeans, and heavy socks.  Cleaning out the flower beds, raking the leaves, mowing the grass one last time.  We hear them before we see them as we walk around the lake...the geese flying south.  It has been a beautiful fall, the temperatures here have been warmer than usual, but today the cold front came in from the north...brrr!   Time to put on a pot of soup and light a fire in the fireplace! 
Hope your week is blessed and you find time to enjoy the changing season.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Twisted I Spy quilt

Sandra is sponsoring an I Spy Parade of quilts over at Sew in Peace.  A few months ago I participated in her I Spy Charms swap and this is one of the quilts I have made from the charms I received. The pattern for this quilt can be found here.    I wish I had a few more quilts to show, but my mojo has been seriously lacking lately!  This little quilt will be a gift for our little 3 year old grand-daughter, Ella.  Now to get it quilted!
If you like I Spy quilts, and want to participate in a swap, check out Sandra's blog.  She is sponsoring another one.  It is so much fun to receive the wonderful variety of prints you will get.  Hurry on over and check it out, the deadline is October 15th!