Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Color Lovin' Bonus Lesson #34 Build-a-Doodle

Hello all of you Color Lovelies!  and for my quilt friends, you might want to grab a pen and paper and play with us today.   How does one doodle?  How do you explain how to doodle?  I just do it, and I don't think about know that "art trance".  So I sat and thought about it, and decided to break it down for you.  Use basic shapes like circles, teardrops, some curleques, and start building!

 I have labeled the Tangles that are used here.  You can go to Tangle Patterns for great instructions on how to make these.  They are Dragonair, AHH, Angel Fish, and Soo Flowers.  There are so many choices, use these or whatever appeals to you the most. 

A few more "doodled" pictures for you...

Ready to color.

I started this one while sitting and waiting for my car to be repaired!  Who knows what else I will add to it?  That's the fun of it!  Sometimes I just put it down, and go back a day later and keep on adding until it looks just right!

One of my favorite CZT's is Penny Raille. 
Check out her blog and note the breakdown called
This really helped me get started, and I hope it will do the same for you. 
Be sure to check out the two videos in the sidebar, they will show you how to tangle!

Here are a couple of other links to videos that will hopefully inspire you!
Flowers Are Fun!  (don't you love the music?)
You will want to check out her Dangerous Doodle videos while you are there.  Lots of inspiration!

Your assignment, should you decide to take it,
 is to build-a-doodle using your favorite background method. 
It can be a flower garden or just an abstract object. 
Color it in with any of your wonderful supplies that we have been using.   
You are welcome to use any of the above drawings to get started...sometimes it is just easier. 
Can't wait to see what you come up with! 
Have a doodlicious time.....


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Bits and pieces for now

Glam Girl
 This summer, I have been taking a couple of online artsy courses from Joanne Sharpe.  They are so much fun!  And I didn't even know I could actually do this!  It has been years....and I do mean years since I have really tried to do much art.   Most of what we are doing is creating art journals.  Here are a few of my pieces.
Jordyn, Art Girl
Max the singing cat

Last Saturday, we had our Quilts of Valor Sewing is a little bit of show and tell for you...Enjoy!

This is a sampler made from orphan blocks that have been donated to us.

OK...all of you Elvis fans stop drooling!

This was an unfinished Round Robin that was donated and finished by a member of the sewing bee.

Yellow Brick Road pattern, but I think we will call it Road to Freedom

Scrappy Stars...don't you just love it!

Hope you are all doing something today
 that makes you happy!