Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quilt Retreat

Row by Row

It is quilted and bound...yeah!  I really like this little quilt, lots of fun to make.

Last weekend, I went to the Liberty Quilt retreat at the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City, Nebraska.  It was a wonderful, relaxing time...visiting, sewing, shopping, walking through the woods, wine tastings at 5 p.m. and it was over all too soon!  We got silly on St Patrick's day with our green wigs....put smiles on the other guests at the lodge.  There was a wedding party there on Saturday, and one of the little girls had a mishap with her dress.  Her dad brought her into our sewing room, asked if anyone had a needle and thread....thirty voices piped up...I do!  Many other guests wandered through to see what we were up to, and to admire the quilts.  My camera refused to cooperate, so I have no pictures to share, so sorry!  What did I work on?  Will show it later on, another scrappy quilt of course! 

Sharon and Judy...Leprechaun quilters

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Star Gathering

A few years ago, I pieced these wonderful little baskets, then somehow they wound up in a box and were promptly forgotten.  Linda Brannock has always been one of my favorite primitive designers...this cute little block is from her 1995 pattern, Star Gathering.  I changed the border by adding the applique star vine and using 2 different plaids.  It is also set together a bit differently, hers is a 5X8 setting, mine a 6X7.  Question for you ladies...I think I am done with the applique and ready to you think it needs some berries?  I plan to leave it asymmetrical...I tend to like borders like that, but wondering if it needs anything else???

The past two weeks, I have been counting the days until Quilt Retreat....Thursday, I leave for Nebraska City, Nebraska for some wonderful girl time with fellow quilters.  And the good news is that I will have my show and tell done...All in a Row is quilted, and I am tacking down the binding! 

We are having some incredible weather here in Missouri....82 degrees it March or May????  Won't complain a bit!  Love seeing the trees in bloom, and the flowers coming up. 

If I don't forget to pack my camera, I hope to have some pictures from retreat to show you next time!