Saturday, December 30, 2006

Gifts....excess...more musings

This is a gift I made for Richard to hang in the rec room amongst his Evil Knevil pics and motor cross pics. Framed it out and it turned out great. I think this and the calendars I made for the kids were the bit hits under the tree this year!

I always find that the simplist things are the most treasured. Excess isn't necessary unless one is trying to make a statement or there is some huge hole inside of oneself that is looking to be filled. I need to continue to work on being less materialistic and more content with what is.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Acceptance-----my musings

Acceptance is the answer to all my problems. When I am is only because I find some situation or person in my life, unacceptable to ME. Slowly I am learning that I must accept things as they are. Instead of concentrating on what I think needs to be changed....I need to concentrate on what needs to be changed in ME and my own attitude.
Unless I can accept Life on Life's terms....I cannot and will not find true happiness and peace.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas letdown

It's terrible to feel this way...Christmas is such a let down! It is so busy and so filled with seems to be here and then it is gone! I so wanted to do the picture a we can all see, that did not get done! As usual, I put WAY to much on my plate! Plus it did not help to have a lot of added stress to the usual holiday mix.
Tuesday....our van was stolen! We had company coming from San Diego, so this seriously reduced our transportation of guests, not to mention the stress of being robbed. Everyone was supposed to stay with Carla who has 4 bedrooms and a larger house, but no beds or bedding...they were in the stolen van.
Wednesday...We got a call from the police and they had our van about 4 blocks from the house. It was all in one piece but seriously trashed and filled with drug paraphanelia and stolen items.
Thursday: Art put a club on the van because he was afraid the robbers still had a key. Went to Carla and Jason for a very nice Christmas dinner.
Friday: Got up to go to Honey baked ham to pick up the ham and the van was gone again!!!!! This time I am angry and scared!
I went to Honey Baked Ham...the police were directing traffic into the parking lot and the cars were backed up clear down the highway to Krispy Kreme....people were in line around the building! Only in America do we stand in line for a Christmas ham! In other less fortunate countries people stand in line for a cup of rice and a loaf of bread! That put it all into perspective for me!
We went to Richard and Mary's for Supper and gifts with Jordyn, Matt and Steph. So much fun to watch the kids open gifts and play! Caleb was so wound up!!
When we got home the police called and the van had been recovered again...this time it had been involved in a hit and run, pursued, and caught. Full of drugs and stolen goods again! At least someone was arrested.
Saturday: I got up early and went to Honey Baked ham to be there when it opened....arrived half hour early....still a line, but not bad. It was a festive atmosphere and the ham elves were passing out samples!!
Mike brought Mom to stay for the rest of the weekend. and Caleb came to play for a bit. We baked cookies and listened to Christmas music! After Caleb went home, we all took a much needed nap!
Christmas Eve...We managed to have a Christmas get-together here at the house. It went fine, but I have decided that I am having serious delusions when I think I can put on a big dinner and have lots of people over....the house is not suited to it...too small! I think I should forget about doing that again!!!! Mom, Kay, and I went to Christmas Eve services with Mary, Richard and Caleb.
Christmas Day....Our company flew back to San Diego at 10:30 a.m. I went back to my bed and slept. After spending the last 2 nights on an air mattress (that deflated during the night) on the cold basement concrete and coughing all night, that bed felt like heaven! We went over to Richard, Mary, and Calebs for Christmas nice, and yes, that ham was well worth the wait in line! It was so fun to see Caleb be so happy with a rubber sword and his dash gun...cost $ and smiles...priceless!!! I am sure he slept with it last night!
and now back to the real world....back to WORK!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh man!

We woke up to find that our van had been stolen out of the driveway during the night!
As Rosannadanna said...if it ain't one thing it's another....or something like that!

My picture for today should be the empty space in the driveway! but it is not.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Almost there!!!!

One more day and I am on vacation! Woo Hoo! I am so ready! I am so on edge and crabby....poor Art!
I am not doing so great on my picture a day challenge....but I did manage to get one this evening. The tree is up and decorated...the house is decorated and the gifts are purchased...not wrapped.
I think Max is waiting patiently for Christmas...wonder what Santa will bring her?

Monday, December 04, 2006

The perks of being a gramma

Caleb really made my day! He was at Quick Trip with his mommy, and wanted to buy some Cheetos. Mary tried to buy the baked Cheetos. He proceeded to pick up the crunchy know the good kind! (why bother eating them if they are baked?) She tried to convince him that he needed to get the baked ones, they are healthy for you. Caleb told her...."No, I want the kind Gramma buys me!"
Mary...."But these baked ones are better for you."
Caleb....."I want my Gramma!"
Needless to say, she saw the light and Caleb got the yummy, messy Cheetos that Gramma gives him! Hee! Hee! I love being a Gramma!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Day 2

Be still,
be patient_______
that is the greatest strength we know.

Max heard the music that was playing this had birds chirping in the background. She jumped up on the bench, patiently waiting for the birds to appear. Usually I cannot get a good picture of her because she has to be right in the midst of things and won't sit still long enough! This picture shows how truly absorbed in the moment she was.

Friday, December 01, 2006

December photo challenge

Over at,the December challenge is to take a photo every day. Thought I would give it a try...kind like a photo journal of my daily life in December. I also thought it would be a good way to learn to use my new camera! I got a Sony Cybershot, and it has a lot of bells and whistles on it that I need to learn!
Max loves to insinuate herself into whatever I might be doing. If I am on the computer she gets right up on the desk or printer or scanner...tonight it was the scanner. This picture represents a very typical scene in my life right now...I love my cat, she is my comfort zone! (but Art is my #one comfort zone!!!)