Wednesday, March 12, 2014

with brave wings she flies

With brave wings she flies

Honestly....where does time go??? For me, now that I am retired, I can play in my studio, read, bake bread and hang out with the grandkids. 

The above picture is from my Documented Life journal that I started at the first of the year. It is a moleskine that is being altered weekly. I love it! This week was to put a bird on it...the cute little bird was part of some collage pieces from Teri Kahrs..she makes the cutest art journaling pages!  

Also, the words remind me to stay the course and I can do it! By that, I mean to be a volunteer.  I know I cannot save the world, but maybe I can help break the cycle that so many families are caught up in. The innocent are caught in the mess if drugs, domestic abuse, mental illness.Thank God that I do not have to worry about my children and grandkids! So many grandparents are caught up in all of this, trying to help with limited resources.

A few more pics for this week....
I really am baking bread from scratch!!!

CASA...a page in my journal

Spoiled rotten..our new baby..Bella

Hanging with Caleb..she loves to cuddle!

Peace and what you least once this week!