Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Showers

Several years ago, Linda Brannock designed this wonderful BOM.  I started it when I worked at the Liberty Quilt Shop, it made its way into a box, and of course it became another UFO.  It has always been one of my favorite primitive quilts, don't know why it never got finished. Linda said that she had always wanted a flower garden so that she could go out and pick a boquet of fresh cut flowers anytime.  I have visited her garden a few times, and it is amazing!  My hope is to have a yard full of flowers someday, too.  It is a work in progess, just like this quilt! Hopefully it will be completed sometime this summer.
I had more pics to upload, but blogger would not cooperate...oh well!  


Friday, April 22, 2011

Reflections from Mary at the cross

It is Good Friday, and I came across this lovely writing.  I have oftened wondered, as a mother, what it must have been like for Mary to see her son hanging on that cross.   This tells it so well.

Blessings to all of you and your family!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Refrigerator art

My 2 year old grandson came over to spend the day.  Jack had fun making an Easter chick to hang on the refrigerator....don't you love that cheesy grin?  My daughter had knee surgery a week ago, and she is still imoblized and it is a bit hard to run after a 2 year old on crutches!   Lots of physical therapy this week, so on my days off, I try to help out with driving her to the appointments and taking care of Jack.  So, not much sewing going on in the sewing room!

I did manage to finish a pillow that  Jan Patek offered on her website... I think this is the link for the pattern.  It was nice to do some hand-work and hand-quilting, although something is wrong with my right hand...lots of pain.  That's the other reason for no sewing or cutting in my sewing room... wahhh!
Thought I would let it get some rest and see if that helps, it is not an injury, just a pain that has been coming on for the last few months and has become much worse.  Arthiritis????  It really has me bummed out!  Guess I should go to the doctor, but that is usually a last resort for me....I just don't feel like they listen or try to figure out what is going on...guess I have to find the right one!

Last weekend, we took a much needed little trip...Spring Break!  We traveled to Nashville and Memphis.  After the show at the Grand Ole Opry, we took the back stage tour...as we were walking down the hall, Trace Adkins walked out of his dressing room.  Now that is one tall dude!  And I did not have my camera with me....wahhhh!  During the day, we went down Broadway and visited the Honky Tonks, listened to music....who knows, maybe we saw the next country superstar???  On to Memphis, to visit Graceland.  I was surprised at how ordinary Elvis's mansion is...and of course it is stuck in the 70's decor.  

Hopefully there will be some sewing room time soon!  I am so far behind on my Civil War blocks.
Off to do a bit of blog-hopping while Jack naps!