Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bad blogger!

I am so bad about posting to my blogs...I think of things I want to post...then the day gets away from me and I am brain-dead! Sometimes I think I get absolutely nothing accomplished other than going to work...fixing supper..and going to bed. Seems like a vicious cycle...then the weekend comes and I try to cram more into it than I can possibly accomplish...and get frustrated and give up! Maybe if I write down what I actually do in a day, then go back and read it, I might not be so frustrated with myself.
My job does not challenge me! I am so burned out on dentistry! I have done this for 28 years! I don't know how to do anything else! more whining!
I have decided to simplify my life a bit...2 weeks ago I decided to sell my lake house. Much to Art's dismay! But it is a 2 1/2 hour drive each way, gas is only going UP and is a lot to take care of 2 households! It seems I am always being pulled on weekends and wind up feeling fractured. Think I will take the profit and buy a house here in KC that is big enough for friends and family to come and stay. My plan is to have it paid for or nearly paid for by the time I retire...or at least have payments that are easy on the budget.
The realator says that lake front property is in huge demand, so we will see if my timing is right! One day after it was on the market, there was a bid, but it was $15000 below my asking no to that one. Tomorrow there is someone going to look at we shall see.
We are off to the lake after work looks like it will be a beautiful weekend! Hope the fish are biting!!!! I love to sit on the dock and watch the world go by! I know I will miss sitting on the deck and I will miss the incredible view! But I all ready feel like a load has been lifted and if it is meant to sell it will!