Saturday, December 29, 2012

Where has she been????

I know...I've been a bad blogger!  Time is such an issue for all of us, isn't it?  But I have been busy in artistic pursuits...mainly art journaling.  And of course playing with the grandkids and working full all know the drill! 
I have slowed down on my quilting endeavors....#one reason, Jim retired and $$$ are tight, so I stay away from the quiltshops.  But I have been digging out my scraps and using them to make quilts of valor.  On Veterans Day, our Kansas City Area QOV awarded 9 wonderful quilts to very deserving Vietnam veterans.  What an honor to meet one of the only living Medal of Honor recipients and present him with a quilt.  It was truly an honor to meet the men and women who served our country and received very little thanks upon returning to the USA. 

Korean war veteran

Medal of Honor

This year, starting January 1, 2013....I am taking an online course called Lifebook 2013.  Also, starting February 1, 2013....another awesome online class with Joanne Sharpe, Letter Loving 201.  Another project that I have started is an Artjournal Calendar Challenge with Kate Crane.  Here is a view of my December and January pages.  It is a great idea and forces me to journal just a little bit everyday!

I have had the week off, and spent a couple of days in my pajamas playing in my studio...what have you been up to?

Hoping that all of you have had a Merry Christmas, and that you will be blessed in the coming New Year!