Sunday, February 18, 2007


I think we are becoming more disconnected to those around us. Why? Today I went to the new Walmart, and I really do not like to go to Walmart, but I needed to get my flat tire fixed. While I waited, I decided to walk around and see what the new store was like. I remembered why I avoid Walmart like the plague! People are so into their little worlds....taking up isle space while talking on a cell phone, little children darting across the isles, people talking very loudly to one another, and sometimes saying things that are so rude to the person they are with or to the sales person. So I stop and think....what do I personally do that might cause others to feel the way I am feeling right now? Are we so "into" ourselves that we don't see how our actions are affecting everyone around us?

Today we helped Mom celebrate her birthday by going to the Ameristar for dinner. The buffet is so yummy.....but oh my tummy!

Caleb and I had a "slumber party" last night while his mommy and daddy went on a date. And of course we had a great evening! It would have been even more wonderful if Jordyn could have been with us. One of these days we will have another slumber party and maybe Jordyn will come too!

Good news came in my email today....Luci Mareno asked me to be on her Creative Team!
Yeah! Cannot wait to get started. She has such beautiful designs!

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