Monday, May 04, 2009


We sure pack a lot into the weekend! Can't wait until I can retire!
Saturday was spent celebrating my birthday...Jim took me flower shopping. Later we went to the Brookside Art Fair, and I had a surprise birthday party with our friends. He did a very good job of keeping it a secret....I never suspected a thing!
Jordyn called and sang Happy Birthday to me....I so love her sweet little voice! And Caleb called to say he was sorry he could not come to my birthday party as he had 2 birthday parties to go to on Saturday. He would try to make it next year! LOL! He has learned my cell number and calls often.
On Sunday I was confirmed into the church, and it was a wonderful ceremony. I am so fortunate to have found such a loving church family!
We spent the afternoon mowing and planting flowers....finally a day without rain!
Then back to work....groan! I pray for armor and out the door I go! At least I only have to work 3 days this week....

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