Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday musings

Can it really be mid-November????   Remember when we were children, and time seemed to just crawl at a snail's pace until Christmas?  My sister emailed me with some instructions for Thanksgiving last week, and said ...see ya in 2 weeks!  I hit the panic button, thinking my time is running out on all the things I want to accomplish...guess I need to remove a few things from the list!
Today, I plan to quilt my Secret Santa gift so that I can cross that off the list.  It has to be in the mail in 2 weeks, and I will be traveling for Thanksgiving, so today is the day!  I love Secret Santa projects!
Friday night, I went to my friend's Stampin' Up crop...we made 20 Christmas cards!  It was loads of fun and so nice to have them made.  Hoping I will have time to make a few more, as I bought some new ink and stamps.
Since we will be out of town for Thanksgiving, my children and grandkids, and other family members are coming on Saturday for our non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  The kids requested Mexican food, so that is what we will have!  Anyone have any favorite recipes for Mexican dishes? 
Guess I better get off the computer, and get busy at the sewing machine! 
What a great way to spend my day off!



Lee Prairie Designs said...

Want to borrow my roller-skates??

Cute cards! Always fun to make and create with your friends.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your sweet message.

Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family and I think I just might have a recipe for you for your non-traditional meal!

Hugs, Carolyn

Michelle said...

Cute cards!

I love all Mexican food. What times dinner? lol!

You know I was leaving a comment on someone's blog & I believe I wished her an early 'Merry Christmas!'. I guess I was a little excited about Christmas coming...go figure! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheryl said...

I am with you, girlfriend. Feeling way behind. Guests arriving Sat. and still no bed for them. Gifts?? Cards?? Yikes, like you I better get off the computer and get busy!

Barb said...

Yes, it is coming way to fast!!!

julieQ said...

Me too! I am with you on the panic mode...we will make it all happen!