Saturday, January 14, 2012

Block Party with Lynda

There are so many wonderful projects out there in Blogland...and this is one of them.  Lynda at Primitive Pieces is sponsoring a Block Party project for Quilts for a Cause.  The blocks will be set together into quilts that will be sewn together, quilted and auctioned off with proceeds going towards helping find a cure for cancer.  Each block is dedicated and signed...this is my first block.  It is dedicated to my first husband who died at the age of 49 from renal cell cancer.  I made a list of others that I could make a block to honor, and while it was rather long....the good thing is that I know more people that are in the battle and surviving.  Thanks, Lynda for sponsoring this! 

Another fun project going on at Humble Quilts....a quilt along!  Lori is guiding us along as we make an adorable little quilt appropriately named Pink Lemonade.  Go check it out!  Today I am hoping to get my blocks cut out and sewn before the next installment comes along.  As you can see, Max is supervising or getting ready for her afternoon nap. 

Lori always comes up with wonderful little quilts for us to make, are any of you joining in?   



Quilt Hollow said...

Hi there, i too have blocks to make for Lynda. Yours looks great!

Pokey said...

Love the creating happenings. The quilt alongs help keep us motivated at times. I like that top block ~

Lynda said...

Don't you love how cats can sleep anywhere!

Cheryl said...

Great cause! Looking forward to seeing you Pink Lemonade progress.

Pamela said...

Love the block! Great cause! Can't wait to see the pink lemonade quilt. Max looks so cute, Thomas B has been an instigator lately, teasing Maks the dog terribly. talk soon!