Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yes!!! I still quilt!!! 

This is a quilt I started 7 years ago....hand pieced all the star baskets.  Linda Brannock designed this pattern and I have always loved anything my friend Linda creates.  So I decided it needed to be finished...the border and applique were my way of changing it a bit. 

And if you could send up some prayers for Linda, she is having some health fun at all. 

This weekend I am going to a quilt retreat with my friends at the Lake of the Ozarks....yay!!!!


scarlett said...

Love your star basket quilt!
Do you know where I could purchase that pattern?
Would you be willing to sell me yours.

scarlett said...

Oops,I believe I neglected to leave my email address. Please let me know if you are willing to sell your pattern.
Thanks so much.