Friday, July 14, 2006

DNTS contest

Peppermint Creative is having a contest....Digital's Next Top Scrapper. It runs for 5 weeks, and we are all ready at week 4! It has been fun and the prompts have been great....they force me to scrap outside my box!

Week 1: THEME: Stay PositiveScrap the one thing you like most about yourself - a physical characteristic, a personality trait, a skill, a talent, etc. Make sure to type up any journaling that might be hard to read! DESIGN CHALLENGE: RepetitionRepetition is one of the 6 basic principles of design, achieved by repeating elements, photos, type or a particular design style. No repetition can cause a lack of visual unity while too much repetition can be boring. Try to find a balance and use it in your layout.

Fabulous 50!

THEME: Say What? Scrap your (or your spouses/friends/childrens etc.) signature expression. What do you/they say that it so you/them? Talk about your/their most often uttered expression. DESIGN CHALLENGE: Creative TypeDemonstrate creative ways to use your letters. Typography is the art of designing words. Done right, it can be moving and powerful. Different fonts, sizes and styles can affect the message you are trying to convey. Experiment with this art-form and see what you can create.

The Things You Say

THEME: Did You Know? Scrap 10 little known facts about you (or your spouse/child). What are the silly, quirky, fun and fabulous things that are uniquely you? What are your obsessive complusive habits? What are your pet peeves? What do you like/dislike? You get the drift.DESIGN CHALLENGE: Shapes Choose ONE shape, any shape (circle, square, triangle, maybe a dodecahedron if you are feeling ambitious LOL) and use that shape at least 3 times within your layouts. How you do that is completely up to you. You can cut your papers or photos, use text on a path, use elements - whatever you want, be creative! Be sure to use ONE shape 3 times as opposed to 3 different shapes.

Ok...I really messed up on this one....too big of a hurry! I only put down 3 things....not 10! Gotta redo this one! but too late to fix for the contest.

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