Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can't Sleep!

Man! I hate it when I cannot get to sleep! I guess I drank too much tea!!!! Sometimes I just cannot wind down!!!!
Or it could be that it was just a busy evening. I started out with the intent to go to my yoga class, but just as I was getting ready, Mary called. She had hit a deer on her way home. Both her and Caleb were fine, just shook up and the car was not drivable. And Richard was not home, so I drove over to where she and Caleb were sitting along side the highway. Caleb was wound tight! "We hit a deer, Gramma"
Later found out that when she hit the deer, or the deer hit her, she knocked its rack off! I am so thankful that the side of the car took the brunt of the hit, and that thing did not come through her windshield. Have to look at the blessings!
And now for a "Twilight Zone" moment....this evening when I was walking to my car, I had this fleeting thought that I would hit a deer on my way home. My radar was off a bit, I guess.
I was asked to be a Guest designer at Scrapforums. com for the month of December and January. How exciting! I will get to work with some digi-designers that I are awesome! Got my first coupon and went shopping! Misty Mareda has some gorgeous designs to work with!
A couple of new layouts....Heather came up with a really neat Christmas kit....Merry and Bright.

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Kimberly Giarrusso said...

These are so cool. They totally look paper scrapped!