Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Musings

WOO HOO....3 days off!!!

And of course, I have more plans than time....normal for me! I guess I should make a list, prioritize it, and go from there!

I started out the week with a bad cold, and now it is nearly gone! Trying to figure that one out! Mary has had hers for 3 weeks now and taking antibiotics! I'm trying to think why I got over it so quick...I really thought it might hang on since I had it when I got my flu shot.
1. my yoga practice
2. that nasty tasting herbal tea I drank
3. less stress...or more tolerance of the things going on around me

Who knows!
Art and I are off to going out to eat breakfast...great way to start the day off! Its' cold and gloomy today, but a great day to snuggle in!!!!

My little Halloween babies.....

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