Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A good kid.....

I am so proud of my son......he has always been such a thoughtful boy, even as a child and teenager. Once a month, he sets up a "date" with his Grammy and takes her out to dinner and a movie. She loves going out to eat, and loves going to the movies. Maybe it's just me, but I think it a very special young person that makes time for his grandmother. I know I have a very hard time making enough time for everyone!
Since Harold died, she has really had a hard time. Within three years, she lost three loved ones, her son, her baby brother and her husband. She is not in the best of health. It was her choice to sell her home and all of her belongings and move away from her friends and church to live with her son. Now it seems that she is just sitting in a recliner with her dog on her lap, watching movies and eating candy all day.....waiting to die. It is very depressing....and I am sure she is suffering from depression and that is why she doesn't care how high her blood sugar gets.
All of this makes me not want to get old! I am determined to take care of my health, both mental and physical!
Today is Dr. Mobley's birthday....I think it is 64! He is an amazing man. He has been through chemo for a year, continued to work everyday, and is doing wonderful. I think a lot of this can be attributed to a positive attitude and taking good care of himself. I only wish that everyone who has cancer could come out of it this well!
I think I need to start a gratitude journal and find 5 things to be grateful for every's a little hard to be depressed when you are being thankful!

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