Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa,
If you only knew just how much I love the feeling of fabric and how much joy it brings to me every day of the year. You will see that this is a simple request. You see, my family doesn't get it! I've asked them for fabric or even a gift certificate for fabric and they look at me as though I'm odd! They just don't understand me. When I mention fat quarters they think "big chick hiney." When I mention jelly roll, honey bun or even layer cake they head to the kitchen for said, "snacks!" I need help here...from somebody who understands me. I hope you can help and if you too are confused by my fabric request please talk to Mrs. Clause and she will help you. I really love the Civil War Tribute line and would be tickled with any "cut" of fabric you have on hand. Oh and Santa...if you deliver I can really show them there is such a thing as Santa Clause!
Merry Christmas!