Saturday, December 12, 2009

That time of year....

I have been struggling with Christmas this year....really wanted to boycott it. And I realized it is all because of expectations not being realized the way I think they should I told myself, let it go and enjoy the beauty of the season.

Today was full of Christmas activities, but the kind that I really enjoy. Forget spending the day shopping and spending money and wondering what to buy. We started our day with a Breakfast with Santa at our church. It was so much fun to watch the little ones come in and visit with Santa, pick out a toy, eat breakfast and make some crafts. This afternoon we went to the Raytown Baptist Church was amazing! I really can't say that a professional group could have done it any better. Jim and I have decided to make this a yearly Christmas truly brought the meaning of Christmas into my heart. Just what I needed! Then we ate supper with our dearest friends, people that mean as much to us as family.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Miss Ella! Our grand-daughter has turned two!

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