Friday, January 08, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Oh my! Look at these poor little things! This was taken about 6 miles outside of Tarkio, Missouri. How do they surive this cold and where do they get food? BRRRR!

It is about 5 degrees here in KCMO and there is a light snow falling. Tonight there is actually a wind warning because of the subzero temps and the high winds that are expected. A couple more days of this and then it will "warm" up...crazy when one thinks that 20 is warm!

This afternoon will have to be spent in my warm and cozy little sewing room...not complaining at all! A cup of hot tea and my sewing machine....pure bliss!


Wendy said...

Poor little dears, I'm sure they are used to the cold and find food by some friendly person. My BIL had the dear breaking into his shed looking for the chicken feed.
Enjoy your time with tea.

Lynda said...

Unbelieveable! Time to stay inside for sure and enjoy sewing or quilting magazines.