Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter quilts

The rest of the Christmas Decorations came down last weekend. It is really one of my least favorite things to do...the house always seems so forlorn! And there are so many to put away! I only have myslef to my Snowmen and Santas. I am leaving out a couple of my "winter" quilts for at least another month.
I saw a darling little snowman door handle decoration on Mama Pea Quilts blog, and it reminded me that I have that pattern in my "To Do" notebook. Actually, I have two binders full of patterns I would love to do someday, and it is doubtful that it will ever be empty!

I have decided to get a head start on Christmas 2010, so I have started stitching this adorable little piece that I found on Gail Pan's should check her out. She has lots of fun quilts and stitchery pieces.

This quilt hangs in my dining room. It is the "Winter Quilt" from the book "Snowbound" by Jerry Kimmel, Linda Brannock, and Jan Patek. I made it about 15 years ago, it was one of my first attempts at hand applique and it is hand-quilted by me. It is a special quilt that comes out at Christmas time and stays up until the end of February.


Kathie said...

that little snowman is just adorable!
would love to know where the pattern is from
I love the star quilt too on the table Ihave made that quilt too!
I have the snowbound book too and have always loved that quilt
think I need to get that book out again
thanks for sharing your pictures with us

Maggey and Jim said...

Good morning, I am new to your blog,linked from Kaaren..Love the quilt, so pretty and applique? Wow, not too good at that. I am new to blogging and if you have a minute I am at thequiltingcouple. Thanks and I know those grandkids can keep ya hoppin'

Lynda said...

Hi Sharon, Love all your snowmen. I too cherish those quilts that I have actually handquilted myself. Thanks for your comment about the Saturday Block clubs. I have only participated in 2 since I seem to have a huge stack of quilts that I know I want to make already and I probably won't live long enough to make them all!

Sharon said...

Kathie, I wish I could share the Snowman wallhanging pattern with you, but I made it 10 years ago, borrowed the pattern from a friend, so I don't have it to share. And I cannot think of who put this pattern out...if it comes to me, I will let you know!

Karen said...

Love your winter quilts. That is what I need to make a few more of.

Lea said...

Snowbound.... this quilt is on my long to do list....*LOL*
Yours are so lovely. Thank you for giving me a motivation!!

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