Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Checking in....

Hatching dragon eggs! and aren't these the cutest little dragons???

I managed to have a major allergy attack all of last week, or a virus...who knows which one?  Anyone that lives in the Midwest knows that we had a huge "pollen explosion" last week, one day it broke a record...it was 8000!  Anyway, no sewing for me...laid low and tried to breathe!  This week is much better!   I'm ready to work in the flower beds in spite of the allergies.  Hope everyone is enjoying Spring!



Lynda said...

Cute dragons. Can't believe I missed your last blog. The forgotten/found quilt is wonderful. Love the homespun fabrics.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Ugh. So sorry to hear about your allergy attack. I'm lucky in that I've never had to deal with allergies but I do know they are extremely bad this year in our corner of the world.

If nothing else, feeling really awful sure does make us appreciate the good health we have most of the time, doesn't it?

Hope you're feeling lots better now.