Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tuesday tidbits

At last, it is quilted and bound!  I made this "Bull's Eye" quilt at least 10 years ago for a class I was teaching for our quilt guild.  Then it spent the next 10 years in the tub of quilts waiting to be quilted.  It will probably become a birthday gift for my son.

Thought I would try to get my "Patriotic Strippy Stars" done in time for the 4th of July.  If I make 3 or 4 stars everyday...MAYBE it will be done.  It is hard to get much quilting done in the summer, the flowers are always calling me to come outside and take care of them!

Hope everyone has a great week, and can find some time to sew!


Eileen said...

that is a beautiful quilt!! a lot of work! love your stars--look forward to seeing that one done. i've become a follower--want to see what you keep coming up with. your flowers are lovely, too. i'm not the gardener my mother was, but i love them and do some gardening--almost all in pots.

Lea said...

Wooooo, I love your bulls eye quilt!! I have this book ( by county threads? I think...) and dreamed making this quilt one day. You did wonderful job, love it love it!
Also , so fun to see your Jo project. I'm looking forward to see your progress!

Laurel H. said...

That Bulls Eye quilt is fabulous.

Carol said...

Oh I love your Bull's Eye and your stars are just wonderful!

Quilt Hollow said...

I made a Bull's Eye many moons ago when they were first popular. In fact, still have more blocks prepped for another quilt. Doesn't look promising since it has been so long! Hee!!
OK.. have to tell you that I'm loving the Jo project!!!

Quilt Monkey said...

I love patriotic quilts - whenever I see fabrics or patterns in a red/white/blue scheme, I get excited. Can't wait to see how the stars turn out.
I relate with you about the flowers calling - it's real hard to do anything in the house when spring has finally come!

Béa said...

Wow, I just finished my Bulls Eyes quilt in the same colorway as you ! Your quilting inspire me for mine.