Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hunting for the pickle ornament

Does anyone else play this little game at Christmas?  We have done this for several years, and much to my son's delight, he usually has the sharpest eyes and finds the pickle.  I can only think of one time that my daughter actually found it in the tree!
It is a quaint tradition that nobody wants to claim.  Some say it is an old German tradition.
The Christmas pickle is not really a pickle at all. It is a pickle-shaped ornament that is the last one hung on the tree on Christmas Eve. The first child to find the Christmas pickle gets an extra gift from Saint Nicholas. Or so the so-called legend goes.

Hunting for the pickle ornament

This year, Jordyn found the pickle ornament, Jack and Caleb could not be here on Sunday due to that darn tummy flu!  Our little Christmas celebration was on last Sunday, so that the kids could travel this coming weekend.  It will be very quiet around here on Christmas day!


Pokey said...

Lucky Jordyn! I know where our Christmas pickle is, but no one has guessed! Maybe I get to keep the chocolate covered almonds that are the extra gift...tee-hee-hee

Carol said...

We did that when I was a kid...I think it is a German tradition. Great memory...thanks

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Friday evening we will find out who will discover the "Pickle"!!

Merry Christmas dear friend and your lovely family!

Hugs, Carolyn

Wendy said...

I must be the last person to learn about the pickle tradition, I've never hear of this before. Now I know why they make pickle ornaments....duh. How fun, now I need one too.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

How fun is that? I've never heard of it before -wish I'd have known about it when my kids were little! Jordan looks so happy (smile)!

Judi said...

When I was in Germany in the fall of 2000 I bought a pickle, I understood it was a German Tradition. We have done that many times as well. Merry Christmas!!! It will be a quiet one here as well.