Thursday, February 21, 2013


We are in the midst of a drought, so the snow is most welcome.  Plus I was feeling very cheated by a winter without snow!  Now we are having record breaking snowfall...not feeling cheated anymore! 

Jim was not and is not feeling cheated at all.   He really hates winter!  So glad we closed the office and I did not have to make the drive in.  Probably would not have made it anyway...the roads are terrible according to the news.

My mom has celebrated her 88th birthday.  We took her out to eat at her favorite restaurant and let her be entertained by the great-grandsons.  She is to be admired...healthy and alert, getting a bit slower because of her darned knee, but keeps going as much as possible. 

I am not getting any quilting done, keeping up with my online art journaling classes are keeping me busy.  Plus with the price of fabric..who can afford to quilt?  But I know I will continue to make small quilts...they are my favorite anyway!  This month, I am taking a fabulous class with Joanne Sharpe, Letter Love 201.  And working on my A to Z's of Me journal, as well as my Lifebook 2013.  Lots of things to get caught up on...better get off this computer and get to work...I mean play!

And in March, I hope to take a class with Natasa May...check out the class she has coming up.  Hope I win a free pass!!!  I really do love her whimsical style.

All of the above is from Letter Love to create more!


Anonymous said...

O I love the art journaling! I journal but don't do art, yet I've thought about it so often, and I think I'll start with just small sketches and see if I have any talent for it. Looks like you have tons and tons of snow! We are supposed to get snow this afternoon but not all that much. Keep warm!

Sue said...

Not familiar with art journalling. Better not get into anything else that is so time consuming even if it's fun.
Your mum looks so good -Happy belated Birthday wishes to her. May she have many more.

Crickets Corner said...

Love the art journal. Wasn't the thunder snow fun. I'm down in Adrian and we ended up with almost 9". Really appreciate any moisture we get and like you I missed the snow. Stay warm.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Darling picture of you three!Happy
Birthday to your MOM.

Love your artwork...and "yes" fabric is over the top!!!Keep up with your lovely art work. I love the making the small quilts too...more fun!

Stay warm!
xoxox, Carolyn

Karen said...

No chance of snow here but we need rain badly. I do like seeing snow pictures. Good quilting weather for you.

Christine Baluk said...

Absolutely fantastic!!!

sara j said...

I am loving your blog!! So positive and cheerful and the colors....just yummy. I saw your work in 21 Secrets....sounds like you are on the same wave length as I am this year. I signed up for Lifebook 2013 and have taken a couple of other classes as well. Thank you so much for introducing me to Miraculous Mosquito and all your fine doodling!! Count me a fan.