Sunday, January 02, 2011

How beautiful it is

Max the cat is just worn out from watching Jim and I put away Christmas decorations.  I am so glad that chore is done, but it really makes the house look empty.  We left out all the snowmen, so that helps a bit!
Barbara Brackman has started a new blog commemerating the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War.  Check out her blog, every Saturday she will have a new block and story to share with followers.  While Max took a much needed nap, I sewed mine up this afternoon.  I am excited and hope to keep up with the blocks as she adds them, along with the history she will be sharing.  Here it is:

And here is a near finish...a Schnibbles called "Figgy Pudding". The charm pack I used was Park Avenue. I really like the little "peppermints" in the center of each block. 
It is ready to quilt...any suggestions?

With any amount of luck it should be done for next Christmas!



Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh lucky cat - we took our decorations down - our house is lookig pretty empty too! Wow the civil war thing sounds fun. Love your first block - and your Figgy Pudding is too cute!

sewprimitive karen said...

Pretty Civil War block! We're on our way. Oh, poor tired cat.

StitchinByTheLake said...

My favorite quilt pattern of all time is the Baptist Fan. It would look great on that quilt. :) blessings, marlene

Julia said...

I agree with Marlene...the bapist fan would look great.
love the CW block, I've still to make mine...hope I can keep up every week..
Julia ♥

Carol said...

Love that Civil War block...I'll have to check into that...thanks so much for letting us know. Your Figgy Pudding is as cute as it can be.

Cheryl said...

I put all the decorations away this weekend and now the house is so boring!! My husband says I need more 'decorations.' Beware what he asks for! Love the snibbles. Something about red and aqua is so cheery and fresh!

joan said...

Love those projects.. Wow! The civil war block is absolutely gorgeous!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I am sewing today (Wednesday) working on finishing up old and new projects!

Love your civil war block you will have fun with this wonderful prpkect.

I wish we lived closer to each other also--- as we would have a sewing day together!

Hugs Carolyn

Linda said...

I love the Civil War blocks. I am so glad you found my blog. It is great meeting Christian Sisters through blogging. Your Christmas pictures are great--family is one of the greatest blessings of Christmas.